nitpo: The sebeg project

Between 2021‒10 and 2022‒10, Thomas Krichel ran the sebeg project. This is a contribution to building nitpo. Sebeg had three phases
  1. baser phase. Sets out the part that does the basic posting. Addresses to post to are given by an external system. Emails are customized by contents but contain no facility to sign off via nitpo.
  2. unsub phase. Adds unsub links and allows for their processing on a web site.
  3. subsi phase. Adds a facility to subscribe. This use uses Javascript fetch to be able to run without users going to the web site of the expertise sharing system. This is a script called mulsu.
Here is the history
final application of converter from historic NEP membership data to nitpo profiles
announce nitpo to NEP editors
opened website
first nitpo emails from server, at this time omnibus only
emails to NEP subscribers are circulated via nitpo, ending the baser phase of sebeg for NEP
nitpo signoffs are live on NEP, ending the unsub phase of sebeg for NEP
start of Bims subscriptions, implementing all stages there
subscriptions go live on NEP, after extensive rewrites of muslu
finishing touches on mulsu.js
NLnet approves payment.
The sebeg project produces is fulling running version of nitpo. There is some more work to be done on the documentation.